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Why should you consider Steelweb for your next detailing project?

Is your project simple or complicated?

No problem.

Regardless if it is a simple warehouse or an extraordinary structure, it will be detailed with the same greatest enthusiasm and accuracy.

Is your project small or large?

No problem.

Our office handles projects of different sizes, in a range from 50 tons to several thousands of tons.

Is your project on a tight schedule?

No problem.

Steelweb delivered jobs that demanded extremely rigid schedule to the greatest satisfaction of fabricators and erectors! In many instances our aggressive schedule was a major factor in winning projects by our clients. It is not uncommon to find us in our office on the weekends either.

Is your project on a tight budget?

No problem.

We delivered tight budget projects and will continue to work with your budget! We will always do our best to save you money and help you win the next projects.

Are design drawings not complete, or of disputed quality?

No problem.

Our team of experienced professionals will transform data on design drawings into a cost effective, sound, well-thought and well-built structure. Thanks to many years of experience we grasp the engineers’ intent and deliver drawings for “error free fabrication and error free erection”!

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