Hobby Airport's expansion is on track

Houston’s Hobby Airport dates back to 1927, when it started as unpaved landing field on a 600-acre pasture.  The city of Houston purchased and expanded the airport in 1937, naming is Houston Municipal Airport.

1950’s and 60’s were a period of great expansion for the airfield.  By the time the airport was renamed William P. Hobby Airport in honor of Texas governor in the mid 1960’s, it accommodated more than 2 million passengers annually.

A big chapter in Hobby’s history began in 1972, when Southwest Airlines moved all of its Houston service to Hobby, continually increasing the number of passengers served.

Last chapter for the1-Overall-aerial esteemed airfield started when the City of Houston approved Southwest Airlines’ proposal to expand Hobby Airport and once again accommodate international travelers by constructing a new international terminal.

The Project, for which Steelweb is doing a great deal of the detailing work, includes the construction of five new international gates capable of handling narrow-body transport category aircraft; the development of an FIS; the development of associated ramp and extended hydrant fueling system improvements, apron work and drainage; and all associated enabling projects.

In our first update from Hobby airport job site, we are showing the roof joists being erected over the passenger drop off area.  Stay tuned for more updates.