Dwayne Reed - Sr. Project Manager, CMC

In regarding to steel detailing:  Steelweb Incorporated provides a first rate, customer oriented, quality detailing service.  This starts with Linda and Edward Tracz in ownership and permeates throughout the organization.  Steelweb’ s Detailing Team’s consistently provide a quality product while supporting our production needs and aggressive steel delivery schedules.

I have worked with Steelweb since the year 2000 on projects of all shapes, sizes and degrees of complexity. The quality of Steelweb’ s detailing has been key in our ability to maximize our shop efficiency and consistently provide a quality product in a timely manner to our customers.

Steelweb is a first rate detailing organization who always come through.  Steelweb is an excellent partner and valuable asset to any Project Team. They deserve the highest recommendation.

Dwayne Reed, Sr. Project Manager

Partial listing of projects:

Region XIII Austin, Tx. American Const.rs Craig Eilers Fields & Associates 403 Steelweb
Hewlett Packard Austin, Tx. DPR Construction Scott Lewis Paige Sutherland 774 Steelweb
MSN Data Center San Antonio, Tx. Turner Construction Patty Iuen Kallison 1655 Steelweb
Iraan Hospital Iraan, Tx. Lott Brothers Ty Oksulzer Susman, Tisdale&Gayle 105 Steelweb
Baylor Orthopedic &
Arlington, Tx. Hill & Wilkinson Jay Wester Ascension Group 272 Steelweb
J.L. Everhart Elementary Longview, Tx. WRL General Contrctrs Melynda Hensley Huckabee Architecture 302 Steelweb
Hudson Elementary Longview, Tx. WRL Genral Contrctrs Melynda Hensley Huckabee Architecture 305 Steelweb
Ned Williams Elementary Longview, Tx. WRL Genral Contrctrs Melynda Hensley Huckabee Architecture 305 Steelweb
Austin Courthouse Austin, Tx. White Construction John Straub Mack Scoggin 530 Steelweb
UHS Tower San Antonio, Tx. ZVL Construction Brian Kosglow Perkins & Will 1600 Steelweb
East Lake High School El Paso, Tx. Buford-Thompson Randy Johnston Mjares-Mora Arch 652 Steelweb
DLR Mezzanine Austin, Tx. StructureTone Justin Trollinger Corgan Associates 225 Steelweb
Brazos Electric Waco, Tx. White Construction Duane Campbell HKS Architect 230 Steelweb
Pioneer Midland, TX W.S. Bellows Julianne St. Cyr Ziegler Group 1350 Steelweb
Nutrivita Bryan, TX Beck Group Mike Watson Beck 198 Steelweb
Sparks Elementary El Paso, Tx. Banes John Pahni PSRBB 150 Steelweb
Pebble Hills El Paso, Tx. BTC Andrew DeLaRosa Parker, Smith & Cooper 976 Steelweb
Austin Board of Realtors Austin, Tx. White Construction Rob Baugher STG Design 131 Steelweb
Frost Bank San Antonio, Tx. Spawglass Jason Smith MarmonMok 2400 Steelweb
Ft. Bend Elementary Richmond, TX Bartlett Cocke Gary Foster AutoArch Architects 375 Steelweb
Kallison High School San Antonio, Tx. Joeris Gault Robinson Garza Bamberger Assoc. 491 Steelweb
Cedar Park MOB Austin, Tx. BBL Construction Jeff Baker HCP Architects 224 Steelweb